All works from Masthay Studios are created and printed by Aaron “AJ” Masthay. We run a small print shop in West Hartford, CT where we create original, handcrafted artwork using traditional letterpress techniques. All commission inquiries are welcomed and will be accommodated so long as our press schedule permits. Typical minimum for a print run is 100, but is flexible dependent upon other factors.

We pride ourselves on working closely with organizations in developing a product through a series of sketches until a mutual agreement is reached. Check out the Process Page for more information on how we take these sketches through the letterpress process, creating our individual style of print. It’s cliche, but photos really do not do the artwork justice. What doesn’t come across on the interwebs is the luscious, mirror shine gloss on the insanely thick layer of ink each print possesses. The same layer that creates the distinct “aroma” of a Masthay Studios print, some say once you sniff your first freshly arrived mail tube – you’re hooked for life. Please note, there are some small anomalies that are inherent to the hand printing process. While we hold ourselves to a standard of high quality, not every print will look exactly the same or be completely free from smudges, fingerprints, etc. However, if you are like us, that’s why you love these pieces!

Please contact us if you are interested in commissioning an edition of prints.

Artist Proofs (APs) are sometimes available from editions. While not available directly through the website store, it nevers hurts to contact us if there is a particular ap you’re interested in.

Enhanced prints are another specialty of Masthay Studios. Enhanced prints feature borders which have been completely filled in with one of a kind drawings by the artist. Prints from the web store may be enhanced at an additional cost or you may send previously purchased prints back to us to be enhanced. Contact us for more information on enhanced prints.

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